Winder Controls provides functional safety risk assessment as a standard with all safety-related equipment. This is normally done in a hazard and operability (HAZOP) environment where the customer is encouraged to participate. This provides the end user with an in-depth understanding of the risks that are associated with the equipment and what operational risk assessments need to be carried out to ensure safe operation.


Winder Controls now also offers functional safety risk assessments to the IEC61508 standard. This method delivers risk assessment results in SIL ratings, which can be used to develop complete SIL-rated systems.


Winder Controls also offers two speed distance protection systems:

  • EHMU2, and sEHMU


EHMU is an abbreviation for Electronic Hoist Monitor Unit. EHMU2 is the second generation speed distance device developed by Winder Controls. It offers multi-duty, multi-level protection that can be installed on existing or new equipment. sEHMU is a SIL2 rated speed distance protection device. Combined with speed distance regulation and SIL2 Ultimate over-travels, this provides for complete safe travel limits as per the IEC61508.


To form a complete safety system, Winder Controls also offers the following:

  • Hardware and software safety circuits.
  • Electronic slack rope protection systems.
  • Mechanical slack rope systems.
  • Bad coiling systems.
  • Mechanical Lillies.

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