Winder Controls has extensive experience in the upgrading and refurbishment of all types of winders and related equipment.


We have carried out a significant number of large refurbishment projects, ranging from the replacement of worn components, to the total replacement of rotating masses to suit existing foundations and drive systems.


Inspection services and upgrade products:

  • Full inspection including ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing.
  • Mechanical and electrical design audits and duty-cycle     establishments.
  • Brake rigging upgrades.
  • Brake path replacements or linishing.
  • Modernisation of hydraulic brake systems.
  • Conversion to disc brake systems.
  • Drum barrel replacements.
  • Bearing system replacements.
  • Drum shaft replacements.
  • Clutch system conversions and replacements.
  • Motor and gearbox modernization or replacements.
  • Uplifting and recommissioning.

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