To all interested parties,


This information has not been developed merely to fulfil an obligation, but rather it describes the core of who we are and will be actively used to define everything we do.


Winder Controls specializes in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of high quality hoisting and associated equipment for the African mining industry.


Through our high level of skills excellence in engineering, manufacture and site work we offer our clients innovative, risk reducing solutions to their hoisting and general industrial requirements from concept design through to emergency break down and long-term maintenance support.


We are proud to offer our clients a full service, single point of contact providing seamless interfacing between all disciplines and covering all major equipment brands.


In all our activities we strive to ensure a safe working environment for our employees, with a focus on overall health, in which each individual is encouraged to accept accountability and is enabled to develop to their full potential.


We are determined to achieve our goals through conscientious, responsible management practices to ensure a value adding, sustainable and growth-oriented business for our clients, employees, shareholders and affected communities.



One dynamic team growing together across multiple disciplines to keep the hoisting industry turning.


Through technical and service excellence Winder Controls is committed to continually provide the best client experience in the winder industry.



We will at all times conduct our business in a professional, ethical manner, striving for the good of our company, our clients, our employees and our business environment.



We will provide products and services that our clients can rely on, always.



Our belief that each individual must be safe and respect the safety of others is central to all of our activities.



We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, both in our internal practices and in our dealings with our clients and other stakeholders.



Our employees are empowered to fulfil their roles and are fully accountable for their actions.



We believe in continually seeking opportunities to improve our use of resources and to enable our people to perform at their best.



We will continually improve and broaden our products to better address the needs of our clients.



We will not be bound by rigid thinking but will encourage enthusiasm and will strive to develop solutions most appropriate to our client’s needs.

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